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Principals Message

Greetings Parents, Students, and Prospective Members of the Pioneer Academy Family!

I would like to welcome you to Pioneer Academy! As the principal of the school, I am proud represent a thriving educational center with state-of-the-art facilities and diverse, ambitious, and driven students.

As an accredited, independent, college-prep school for grades Pre-K through 12, Pioneer Academy is committed to enriching the lives of students, and ensuring their success in college and life. Located in the peaceful Township of Wayne, New Jersey, we offer a vibrant and exciting environment with exceptional academic standards and wide range of extracurricular opportunities catering to the varying interests of our entire student body.

We provide students the opportunity to grow, learn, and enjoy in an environment conducive to fostering academic growth. The experience obtained at Pioneer Academy is unique and helps to drive the intellectual, academic, social, and athletic success of the students.

As a cutting-edge center of academic excellence, Pioneer Academy teaches students to acquire the skills to become self-motivated, responsible, and caring for the environment and those around them. Pioneer offers a generous selection of AP, Honors, and College Prep courses designed to meet the needs of each student. Every student receives personalized academic, career and college counseling services. We want you to know that while you are here, we will do everything we can to provide you with the very best education, guidance, and care that we can.

We hope that you will find this year and all subsequent years here at Pioneer Academy comfortable, fun, beneficial, and of course, highly educational. Teachers, counselors, and dormitory assistants have an open-door policy; if you need extra help, advice, or just someone to talk to, feel free to stop in. The same is true if you have suggestions or questions about anything. We are always open to improving ourselves to better meet the needs of our students.

Thank you for choosing Pioneer Academy for your educational needs. We are here for you, working hard for you because we believe in you. You are tomorrow’s leaders, challengers, innovators, and Pioneers; and this is where you will learn the skills and build the character to be the best that you can be.

On behalf of the entire Pioneer Academy community, best wishes for a great school year!

Mr. Owen O. Akman

Montessori PreK Head Teacher

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Suess

Ms. Cozine has been working with children for almost ten years now. From a young age, Ms. Cozine began working with preschool children and made the decision to pursue a career in childcare early on. She has worked for different schools, childcare centers and the YMCA in both the NJ and the New England Areas and has run numerous after school and summer camp programs throughout the last few years.

She attended Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, NH and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Child Development Psychology in the short time of 2 years. She then became a teacher’s assistant in a Montessori Classroom and fell in love with the Montessori Method. Within a year, she started the process to become a fully Certified Montessori Teacher and gained her certification through the North American Montessori Association. She has now been teaching Montessori for three years and loves every aspect of working with the children, especially when it comes to using the Montessori Method.

Ms. Cozine believes in creating strong bonds with children and trust. She wants all children to gain self-confidence and believe that they can do anything they set their minds to. She utilizes the Montessori Method to allow children to become independent and active learners, while having fun and learning through discovery. She loves singing and dancing and finds that adding aspects of music to the classroom makes learning fun and interactive. She aims to work to develop the whole child and help them grow to become confident leaders of the future.

Ms. Cozine received her master’s degree in education with a focus of curriculum and instruction last May. She is excited to be working at Pioneer Academy and is happy to be back in the classroom!