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  1. Art: In the Montessori classroom, there is an art area readily available to the students daily.  Children have the option to work on creating their own art pieces, or work on projects related to themes also being discussed in other curriculum areas.  The benefits of consistent art creation in the classroom for children are unparalled: freedom to express or relay thoughts finding a creative outlet for their own intuitions feeling a sense of accomplishment in completing something solely their own.
  2. Music: The Montessori music program develops the child’s nonverbal affective communication, increases their understanding and enjoyment of music.  It also enhances their ability to express themselves through music.  Learning music is a natural and integral part of classroom life.

“Movement or physical activity is thus an essential factor in intellectual growth which depends upon the impressions received from outside.  Through movement we come in contact with external reality, and it is through these contacts that we eventually acquire even abstract ideas.”

~ Dr. Maria Montessori

  1. Gross Motor Skills:  Gross motor is important for many reasons.  Among them are for health and to exercise the body and mind.  For confidence and self-esteem in childhood and an important life skill.  The ability to assess risk, another life skill with physical well-being but also with taking risks in life with decision making.  The release of energy is physical, social, and emotionally.  Finally, is for brain development.  Ages 0 to 6 years old lay the foundation of brain pathways for lifelong motor skills and aids in learning and learning skills that require advanced thinking and mental dexterity.